Thursday 23 January 2014


Okay, okay, okay.

It's been awhile.  I've been away on "holidays".  Why is she putting holidays in quotation marks? you're wondering.  Well, our holidays were quite busy.  Between trying to see as many friends as possible, Mark doing work for VOTO and the EWB conference, and both of us trying to get wedding details in order, I haven't had much time to blog.

Okay.  I probably could have made time.  But I didn't.  I'm not as amazing as Abbie Ginther or Sharon Harvey, but it's a new year.  I'll work on it.

Anyway, I'm still alive, just lazy - a new post will come soon.  In the meantime, you can view our VOTOlandia "team" blog, Cat Presidents.  Why did she put team in quotation marks? You ask?  Well, I made the blog.  No one else in the house has time for silly blogs like that of Cat Presidents.  But I'm representing everyone, so in some way it is a team blog.  If you like daily pictures of cats, then enjoy! If you don't like cats (Sharon Harvey), well, your loss.

New, legit post coming soon! For realsies!


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